Alresford Museum

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Fire in AlresfordAll the work on the refurbishment of the new room has now been completed and the decorators are doing their job. This just leaves the final electrical work, mainly the installation of the light fittings, to be completed once they have finished. Already the room is completely transformed and it will only be a few days before we can install the large picture of the 'Fire in Alresford' in its new home.

We will then have to embark on an extensive 'Spring Clean' which we may delay until the kitchen/toilet refurbishment especially as, in the light of Government guidance we will not now be opening on Easter Sunday.

Click for larger imageThe restoration of the old door at the rear of the room has also to be completed and whilst we have obtained the wood for this job we will probably wait until the kitchen is finished before undertaking this as there is now no time pressure to complete it.

Whilst the electrical work was being done we discovered that the loft above the Engine House is completly boarded over, insulated and dry and light and power have been installed. This area will be a useful storage area for certain artefacts.



work in progressWork has been progressing steadily during the last few weeks.

Next jobs on the list are the removal of the old outside toilet to allow us access to the north wall to assess the remedial work to be done there; the restoration of rear doors and the electrical work.


Work in progressDuring November we removed the old stud partition wall which divided the back room and refitted the door between the picture framing workshop and the rear room. This enables Artworthy to secure the workshop from the museum. Following that the block wall between the Engine House and the rear room was removed creating a huge pile of rubble. A doorway has been cut through the temporary partition wall, which with the help of Cleeve Builders, enabled the rubble from the demolished wall to be removed. We can now move freely between the rooms.

During the course of removing some old fibre board on the rear wall of the back room we discovered the old back doors, which are identical to the front except somebody, in their wisdom, many years ago decided to cut an opening and insert a window. We hope to remove the window and restore the doors in the next few weeks.

This does beg the question as to whether there was some sort of vehicle (albeit horse drawn) access to the back of the building. This is quite a common feature in 20th century and modern fire stations but it would seem it originated in Victorian times.

In the meantime the temporary partition wall is being completely removed.

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